Saturday, February 10, 2007

OwlCon, here I come

I'm about to drive over to Rice University to run 3 game slots at OwlCon: 2 Cheapass, 1 Uberplay.

After that, it's 1000-1400 hrs. teaching Cheapass Games, 1500-1900 hrs. teaching Uberplay Games, and 2000-2359 teaching more Cheapass Games.

It's a blast - I love doing these game sessions, and I got prizes from Liz and James over at Cheapass Game to hand out to my attendees. Kevin Nunn, noted badass game designer and all-around nice guy, has signed up for one of my slots, and I have a couple of recurring folks from last year who just can't get enough of my high-energy gum-flappin'.

"What do we want?" BRAINS!

"When do we want them?" BRAINS!


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