Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last Thursday's El Grande summary

Dang it, I'm behind. I gave blood on Tuesday, Lee's finishing up her Bradley paperwork, and the kids are adorable, so the only game I got to play was El Grande on Thursday.

I meant to get to the Houston Gamers, but it was cold and rainy. I stayed home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Totally Better Than The Reviews with my wife instead.

Anyway, I put Alex to bed last Thursday and let Lee play El Grande. I jumped in for Roxanne when she had to go, and finished in last, last, last, way last place. Roxanne left early in turn 4, so the loss was totally, absolutely my fault, and everyone had fun anyway.

My 2007 games: 16 plays of 12 unique games, including 4 new ones I learned, and 4 I taught. Shoot. This is unwieldy, and I gotta think about it.

Tonight is Caylus night, plus I still gotta figure out those stickers, plus I gotta track down my Cheapass Games prize pack for next month's convention.


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