Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Redbox Free DVD code altruism

I love giving out Redbox free rental codes to people. There's a McDonald's down the street from work, and it's got a Redbox, so anytime there's someone about to jump in, I ask them if they have a promo code.

If not, I try out one, prefacing it with, "Let's see if it still gets a free day's rental..." It always has so far.

Those codes are brilliant. They've got me watching the box, trying to spread the love. It's not like I'm standing outside and pirating the codes for a quarter a pop; I'm saving people a dollar.

Even when I have HAD extra physical coupons worth a dollar off, I certainly never did that.

If any of you were Googling for codes, try DVDONME and COINSTAR. They worked for me during the first week of January 2007 in Houston, Texas. APPLE did not work. Now you know.


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