Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I love the Post Office

No, really, screw you guys. I do.

1. it's where my mom works. You can send any wacky postcards to Todd's Mom, Box 1, Ellston IA 50074. My sisters and I grew up getting cards and packages from relatives all over the place.
2. I ran into an old co-worker today at the post office, and we had a nice chat. I spent $12.46 on stamps. She spent over $46, but she had way more cards, and some of hers were headed to France and Germany.
3. 80% of our Christmas cards are mailed. Lee did 99% of the work.
4. The rest of the Christmas cards are ready to go, and so are my packages for the latest board game Math Trade. Jeff, if you're reading this, it's been a hectic week... I meant for these to go out Saturday, but they didn't.
5. My kids get all kinds of packages. My aunt Sue and uncle Dale sent Alex and Cori an awesome Sesame Street game and puzzle for Alex, and we're up to about 15 separate puzzle assemblies in 2 days.
6. It's a reminder that I'm grateful not to be working as a leasing temp and have to deal with hundreds of packages in a little tiny space in whatever office I worked in. Starting December 1, most properties begin sending notes daily to every resident with a package, which requires a lot of monitoring of the package room and distribution of packages. One property I worked at wanted me to put them inside individual apartments. Oh, that was the same one that allowed dogs up to 90 pounds. I found two large dogs immediately, and set off an alarm on the third apartment. Another 500-apartment property had a 10' by 14' space packed with boxes of all descriptions, up to the ceiling in some cases, overflowing out of their regular package closet. After only 3 days of constant notices to all 300+ package recipients, I had most of the mess down. The package count was surreal. I was getting rushed by lots of residents, and had to remember where their stuff was, since some of it was too heavy or awkward to re-sort numerically.
7. Charles Bukowski's novel Post Office was good, if you like Charles Bukowski.
8. The recent DC superhero stamps are awesome.
9. I spent quite a bit of time in high school trying to break into the gaming market, and actually got something published in a small-press magazine called Vortext, now defunct. I got paid $9.50 for it. Getting the magazine with MY NAME in the table of contents was a blast. It was on a balmy day in mid-June, and I walked back home from the post office to savor everything.
10. My parents got me magazine and comic book subscriptions, and that was awesome. Ranger Rick, National Geographic World, the Star Wars comic, and so on. Later, I bought subscriptions to the aforementioned Vortext, Dungeon, Polyhedron, and Dragon magazines. It was a simpler, nerdier era.


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