Sunday, January 28, 2007

Google AdSense Preview Tool testing

It occurred to me to check and see what my blog's ads were; at least one of the times I looked, there was some stupid ad for a soul-mate calculation tool.

Here's a tip: if you're dumb enough to use a computerized tool to look for your soul-mate, you can safely avoid looking for your soul-mate inside, say, a MENSA meeting, a library, or a bookstore.

I loaded the Google AdSense Ad Preview Tool, which adds a context-sensitive item when you right-click on things. You know, in Internet Explorer.

I'm using Firefox 2.0, so that does me a fat lot of good, people.

By the way, the soul-mate-calculator is served up using multiple URLs, so I turned off the obvious ones and will try and eliminate the rest.

If you've added Google AdSense to your pages, definitely read through the help files. It's an interesting program with lots of cool options, definitely.


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