Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday night: Caylus without me

Bobby and Emily came over for Thursday gaming, and brought the copy of Caylus that Emily gave Bobby for Christmas. Larry's got a copy, and Lee and I played it once, one hojillion years ago.

Caylus is hardcore. Oh, and it supports 5 people. Final roster tonight:
  1. Emily
  2. Bobby
  3. Tim
  4. R.J.
  5. Chris
I got to be the gracious host, and had printed extra rules and summary player aids from BoardGameGeek. However, Caylus takes two hours under the best of circumstances.

As it happened, during the game of Caylus, Lee emptied and filled the dishwasher and did at least one load of laundry. I did at least 8 months worth of filing, maybe 10. Scary.

I did get to do most of the explanations and only bobbled one or two rules. Caylus is rough stuff. I'm proud of the group - everyone stayed lucid, even as the game wrapped up around 11:40 p.m.

Bobby ended up a few points ahead of Emily, who was a few points ahead of Chris, who was a few points ahead of R.J. and Tim. A close game, and open for anyone to win up until the very end. Pretty impressive, really.

It was a cool evening; I needed a little down-time to chill out and be an observer. Work has ramped up with many different small tasks needing to be done, and I was feeling under the weather enough that multiple people in the office were calling me out on looking like dog vomit.

While filing paperwork tonight, I found my offer letter. I had forgotten that I actually earn sick days. Since it's a startup, I haven't seen anyone take a sick day, ever. It also isn't a mentally-toxic environment, so people don't get sick merely because they hate their jobs. Our CEO brought in kolaches, and man, that chicken/cheese on wheat combo is great.

Tonight Chris also borrowed my copy of Bohnanza, since it's an excellent gateway game.

Lee finished her Bradley homework and now needs to package it up, make copies, and send it out. It's encouraging to see her succeed on her projects!


Blogger Chris said...

"everyone stayed lucid" - hmmm... I don't think i was feeling exceptionally lucid after 11 pm. I definitely agree that Caylus is rough stuff. Does it go lots faster with 3 versus 5?

5:47 PM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

Yeah, the last half-hour was where it started to be punishing.

It does go faster with 3. I think Lee, Larry, and I managed to finish out a game in about 2.5 or 3 hours, initial explanation included.

In a 3-player game, more spots are available every turn - so you don't get much of a speed boost. Also, the worst thing that can happen if two people pass is that you'll place workers for 3, and there are fewer players to kick you out of the inn. The end result is that most turns, everyone places most of their workers, rather than dropping two and then bailing.

10:25 PM  

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