Friday, May 05, 2006

Goal updates

Thinking about my goals for the year:

So I'm up to 78 games played in the year, or short about 50 games so far. If I stay at the current rate, I'll finish out the year at about 225 or so, which is nothing to sneeze at, but definitely not 365.

I'm at 15 actual new titles ever played for the year. The problem here is that I've picked up most of the "easy" gains in this area, such as games on my shelves we hadn't played yet. I am going to have to make better use of my Houston Gamers time to explore deeper into the giant plastic tubs of games that float around.

I participated in the company weight-loss contest and lost almost 6% of my body weight in 3 months, mostly by switching to water or diet soda instead of full-calorie soda, vaguely cutting down on meat portions, and trying vaguely to eat more vegetarian fare, which mostly has meant big batches of hummus. It is worth noting that the top prize was less than $700. The winner lost almost 20% of his body weight. There are better ways to come up with $700. The two runners-up both lost over 18%.

I have donated blood twice, and will be eligible to donate again next week. I'll easily beat my goal of donating four times this year, unless I get hell-flu or something.

As for the game-purchase moratorium, eeh. I bought Attika and got in a bunch of plays so far, and I'm considering buying Mogul, along with a replacement/duplicate copy of Empyrean, Inc. I am at the point with trading where everything I have is mediocre or worse. With the price of shipping going up, it's becoming not worth the effort to trade unless you start really high. "Uh, let's both ship these $30 games across the country to each other for $12 apiece!" "Yeah, we're totally sticking it to the man now!"


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