Friday, April 28, 2006

Stonyfield Farms website: good coupons, hilarious javascript

Stonyfield Farms has some introductory coupons (50 and 75 cents off on many of their products) at their website. It is the only flavored whole milk organic yogurt available, which is perfect for our skinny toddler.

In the source on one page, the following comment is visible (funny part bolded):

/ this next line is throwing an error. It is how I found it. It's missing the var name.
/ I'm going to guess
/ document.location.href = "install.cfm?ID=" + ID;

Their site also prevents you from printing the introductory coupons twice. One speculates that given the presence of humorous Javascript, there could potentially be a way to print the coupons more than once. I am, ahem, just sayin'...

The moral of the story: a 6-pack of the yogurt costs $2.75 at HEB, and costs $3.50 at Whole Foods, sometimes called Whole Paycheck. However, our HEB only carries one flavor, and the Whole Foods carries all the flavors. Where is Seth Godin when you really need him?


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