Monday, April 03, 2006

Summary of weekend

Friday: Lee and I dropped the girls off up at the church for Parents' Night Out, went to Bennigan's, then returned to the church and played Ticket To Ride.

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 60, New game titles played for the year = 15.

Saturday: Lee and I get up, put the girls in the Subaru, and drive to Louisiana to hang out with her relatives.

Sunday: Lee and I get up, are disoriented from the time change, check out of the motel, and drive back to Houston.

After we got the girls to bed, I took an anti-static bag full of video cards over to Larry's new apartment and caught him up on the events of the week. As it happened, Larry determined his motherboard was toast (no tears, it's backed up via a NAS), and didn't need the video cards anyway. Larry also talked to me about dynamic DNS web-stuff, name registering services, and a little about Wordpress.

Larry's my go-to guy on almost any technical subject. This is not only because he dives head-first into complicated topics, but he is good at seeing the too-far point for his audience. When I ask him for advice, he's careful to outline what the best angles of attack are. He understands the idea of cost-benefit ratios, and can deftly draw the line between "hey, this is fairly simple," "This is a little tricky, but you're a smart guy," and "Oh, dude, this is only for gearheads and even then, not worth the effort."


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