Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey, Adobe, make up your mind!

Adobe's reader did an update, and almost everything went correctly.

1. The update didn't reboot my computer right away.
2. The prompt for the download was clearly worded.
3. The download took place only when my connection was otherwise idle.
4. The installation didn't take long.
5. I was given a polite warning that the PDF I had open in another window would close if the update ran, and was that okay?

BUT Adobe, don't put your icons on my desktop without asking. As you could presumably have detected, there was no Adobe Reader icon on my desktop, and you were running an update. That means someone or something removed the icon.

As I happened, I was that something. I had previously decided to remove your icon from my desktop. That's a setting, more or less, and you overrode it during the update, without my permission. Don't do that, okay?


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