Friday, March 17, 2006

Ted Rall, Patriotic Cartoonist, calls for fight against lying racist Ann Coulter's lies

Patriotic cartoonist Ted Rall is sick of Ann Coulter telling lies about him in public.

Ted, death threats are a liberal's badge of honor and the coin with which America has always repaid her true patriots.

As for Ann, well, uh, someday a man, woman, or coral snake with more venom will become right-wing America's beloved inaccurate blowhard and Mouth Of Sauron, and you'll just be another person who used the word "rag-head" when speaking to a thousand people.

So, yeah, there's controversy in the board game world, too, as the BoardGameGeek site changes their rating system slightly. I'm all about the games, not so much about the ratings.


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