Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mid-week update: I get Dutiful Son experience points.

Not much to report. I tweaked a query at work, actually saving people actual time/money/pain.

Tim's wife is off for spring break, so he is being a Loving Husband instead of a Gaming Buddy this week. Good on him. Since I got in about 6 more hours of mid-week gaming than usual on Monday, this is actually the perfect week for them to hang out every night.

I talked to my mom, and along the way helped her fix an email problem she was having. I should note that she didn't call for that purpose at all, and I fumbled into it. Somehow, the Cursormania toolbar had gotten installed on their computer. Like the buggy piece of crudware it is, it was preventing her from sending, but not receiving, email via their dial-up connection.

The Cursormania folks DID build an uninstaller into it, and it DID work the first time, and my mom CAN send and receive email now. So yay, not a cause for huge drama.

I also sent her a link to the good folks at Ad-Aware. It's good for removing adware and spyware. Although it's not the STRONGEST program out there, it's good, and is also reasonably safe. I've read several stories about the super-chainsaw removal programs where their additional firepower against viruses also removed major functionality.

Macs are getting cheap, and I am thinking about considering possibly imagining what it would be like to own a froofy hippie's computer. Heck, for $400 I can get a decent PC, or for $500 I can get a Mac. That's in the realm of possibility, unlike the days when I could get a decent PC for $795, or pay $2250 for a decent Mac.

Because, y'know, maybe it's worth a hundred bucks to not have to mess with the typical PC BS. I'm good at PC stuff. I've done tech support for friends and family. I follow the Hippocratic Oath with respect to people's computers, and overall, have a proven track record of Not Making It Any Worse.

Thoughts, comments, opinions?

Also, if anyone can find the essay where the guy is complaining about Linux being like an airline where you have to build your own seat in the aisle, and everyone else on the plane is treating you like an idiot, but then it clicks and it's awesome, but then afterward everyone says, "You had to do WHAT to your seat?" There are a number of worthless joke pages crufting up Google, and I can't remember the author's name, or any keywords of note.

If I can't find it, well, uh, I'm hosed, because I'm no-kidding the best person I know at finding things with search engines. Even Pagliacci couldn't cheer himself up...


Blogger Agent Easy said...

Hi there,

I'm "Agent Easy" from the WAGS Chronicles blog (also boardgame related). I am a Mac user myself, so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

My opinion: I've had a Mac for 8 years, have never owned virus software and yet I've never had a virus. Since Mac os X, the computer rarely crashes (1-2 a year). The software for media management and creation which comes with the computer (ILife) is excellent. Pick up one of the Mac minis or Imacs... they are very nice computers.

p.s. DO NOT buy a Mac to play games. Some are available, but they are typically behind the PC by a fair margin. Buy it if you want a stable, elegant and fuss free computer to organize your music and photos, to create home movies and DVDs.

8:25 PM  

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