Sunday, March 12, 2006

Board Game Madness

I threw away my oldest computer case today. It was for the 133 MHz Pentium that I bought back in 1995 for $475. I used it mainly for writing papers and playing video games, mostly Angband. It was also the first computer that I successfully upgraded hardware on.

I also cleaned some more books off my bookshelves and took them to Half-Price Books. They paid me $40 for the lot. In the past, I have been advised that classical-studies books are high-dollar, and today was no exception.

Immediately, I called my Friendly Local Game Store and ordered Attika, which will set me back $30.32 after my discount is subtracted and taxes are added.

Monday, I am taking a vacation day to not have to be at work. Hopefully, emergency calls will be kept to a minimum.


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