Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kid Pictures: Alexis Plays Mousetrap

You know, Mousetrap! I got this copy for a buck at a thrift store and didn't even know if it was complete. It was missing one piece, and had a couple of other bent ones. Alexis didn't care.

As you can see, Alexis was totally into it, and had a great time:

She squealed with excitement every time the marble rolled down the steps, and said, "Again again please!" The little hand-lever is a "fork," according to her.

Alexis knows that the mice go "squeak squeak," and knows their colors: geen, yey-yow, red, and bwoo. She hopped the mice along the spots on the board, and narrated, "Red mouse, red circ-ow."

So, yeah, I'm living the geek dream. Totally worth at least a dollar.

In other news, I picked up a copy of Francis Heaney's Holy Tango of Literature, because I couldn't live without it, even a single second more.


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