Friday, February 24, 2006

The week in review

  1. Played a 4-hour stretch of Knights Of The Old Republic. It's groovy.
  2. had a great idea at work, and am attempting to automate a process once believed to be required to be fully manual. Pshaw! I shall dismiss this urban legend, and a nightmare band of robots shall do my every bidding.
  3. had a co-worker leave the company. This is painful to me: he worked hard, I trained him back when we worked for the same guy, and in the back of my mind, I thought if I were promoted to supervisor, I had at least one person whose respect I had earned.
  4. kicked a filing cabinet really hard, upon learning #2. This is painful to me: yesterday, I was worried that I had broken a toe, and it's not my habit to serve the beats on office furniture.
  5. offered to host a small get-together at our house tonight. D'oh. Yeah, it still looks like a place where my meat-body's paperwork is stored while my brain is in here on the Internet.
  6. read something funny about how the House TV show changes attitudes.
  7. read a webcomic that made me happy. The creator comments, "Make sure you scroll all the way down for this one, ladies and gents. It's six panels instead of the usual four. Didn't want to drag this one out over the weekend." YES! Thank you, Jeph.
  8. submitted my Reddit peeve post to Reddit. Nice little traffic boost there. I'm addicted to Reddit. There, I said it. It's ADD-riffic.

My next game-related purchase is going to be another box or two for storing Magic cards. I don't actually HAVE all that many, but I need a place to clear off all the piles on my desk.


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