Monday, February 06, 2006

Amazon Mechanical Turk Vs. Google AdSense: state of the blog

Not to make direct number comparisons, but I've earned more from Amazon's Mechanical Turk program than I have from Google AdSense.

I like AdSense better. It's cooler, and it feels much more automatic. Mechanical Turk is piece-work, and carries no future dividends. I like making money on the internet, but both programs are unreliable so far.

I've gone to Amazon's website to see what they recommend. Unfortunately, I told them too much about my purchases, or not enough. Telling it I liked a few novels a friend gave me has convinced Amazon that I need K.D. Lang cds. ....(tasteful pause)... I do not.

On the bright side, a buddy at work bought Freakonomics last week while traveling for business, and said I can borrow it when he's done. Since even used copies run about ten bucks, that's great.

I also bit the bullet and did a order for the PC version of Knights Of The Old Republic. My best friend and old college roomie Jacob got 30 or 40 hours of fun out of it before it palled for him, and it's got great reviews. I've had it on a list of games to buy, and vacillated for a long time. Since I didn't get it for Christmas and have been to two different Half-Price Books locations multiple times without finding it, and can't bear to take it off my list of stuff to consider, I'm buying it. Since I had a gift certificate from my sister Rachel lying around, I only had to spend two bucks out of pocket to check off an item on my overall goals list.

Other than that, I made more hummus (with paprika and cayenne this time) and bought a lot of vegetables, beans, and juices at the grocery store. I can't believe how many of the juices have high-fructose corn syrup, a.k.a. The Devil's Candy, in them.

I have board game demonstrations coming up in a week for OwlCon, and need to get out my game kit, read through the instructions, and polish my presentation for all the games I'll probably play.


Blogger Dave said...

For an extensive overview of Google Search, Google Rank, and Google Adsense, see:


6:27 AM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

Dave, that's a good collection of interesting articles.

I have been considering setting up a second blog that is more Adsense-friendly; still mulling it over.

7:22 AM  

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