Friday, January 27, 2006

320 gig hard drive for $120; how much storage is excessive?

I don't need this giant hard drive. I have about 80 gig used and 60 gig free on my current hard drive.

My buddy Larry
's been singing the praises of NAS. Basically, you have over a terabyte of space in the form of multiple giant hard drives in RAID array to protect against data loss, and accessible via ftp. He reports it is cosmically awesome and has changed his life for the better. Larry travels a whole lot, so having access to all his files in his hotel-du-jour is totally sweet. It was only a few hundred bucks and is a comprehensive backup solution for his tricked-out rig full of video editing software as well. He's rapidly approaching the "Celestial Jukebox" point.

Is this excessive? Not for Larry. He actively researches his machines' abilities and implements them. His MythTV setup is basically TiVo for free, etc.

My definition of excessive is already stretched. I carry defrag utilities on my USB drive and have successfully burned and used a Knoppix CD for actual data recovery.

The very first guy I knew who burned CDs back in 1994 was a badass. The second guy I knew who burned CDs in 1995 was obsessively collecting mp3 files, more than any sane person would ever need, ever, ever, ever.

Technology's only as good as the legitimate benefits it brings.


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