Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday night status update

  • Still working on getting a game packed to send to a fellow geek.
  • Visited the Gulf Coast Blood Center website, verified they need my blood. Duh, they're down to a day in almost everything, shown via a cute little graphic. I searched by zipcode and I have NO excuse not to get my veins down the street tomorrow night.
  • Packed my box cutter to remove my old Texas registration sticker. My new sticker has a second sticker with it. I don't know what to do with it exactly.
  • We have successfully assembled and used our Selectcomfort mattress. We went with king size, not the Cali King, which is 4 inches of bed extra. The bed is stellar, truly awesome, and much needed.

The weekend's events, in brief:
  • Friday's parents' night out.
  • Saw Steph and Alan's baby. She's a cutie and has way more hair than Cori does.
  • Didn't help Larry move. He was totally packed and evidently moved everything in record time with lots of help.
  • Went to Half-Price Books and didn't buy anything. This is the second time this week it happened, and I don't know what to think.
  • Read most of "The Child That Books Built," and it hit me hard. Rough summary, "An English guy talks about growing up reading everything." A $1 Half-Price Books clearance purchase; definitely glad I picked it up.
  • Read most of a Suze Orman book, written prior to the dot-com crash. On one hand, it's got some good ideas. On the other, it has some flaky new-agey stuff. Also, her teeth are way shinier than any normal person's teeth, and her physical person frightens me.
  • This post, way later than usual.


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