Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend Catch-up Post: Wednesday Off - Alexis Goes to a Pet Store

I took Wednesday off. Mom, Dad, and I took Alexis to Petsmart for a first trip to a pet store. As she is only 20 months old, she still doesn't understand the concept of stores.

She enjoyed the birds, guinea pigs, and fish. She signed for "more" and said "Mo fish." I was particularly taken by the ghost shrimp, who are available for a mere 30 cents apiece, but resisted temptation.

She was thrilled by the chinchilla and tried to get the glass walls open to get in after him/her.

There were two cats up for adoption who both did their best to be cute for us.

A teenage girl with an inquisitive beagle brought her dog past Alexis. We had Alex say hello, and Alex pulled up her shirt to show off her belly. Without a moment of hesitation, the beagle leaned forward and licked her belly button, which Alex thought was hilarious.

The beagle was full-size and probably had 10 pounds advantage on Alex, so I hovered a little. Alex was cautious but didn't retreat from the dog.

After that, we dropped her off at day care and went to El Gallo, a Mexican restaurant right down the street from my house. I've lived there four years and never been there; that will change. We fed three people for under $20. With a coupon from a Kroger receipt, the total bill was closer to $6 a person, tip included.

Lunch concluded, it was off to the George "Not The One Who Tortures People" Bush International airport.

Once I was on my own, I returned my library books, a mere day late, and that was it.

Lee and I cleaned up the house a little, in preparation for the arrival of a new bed.


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