Saturday, December 31, 2005

You know who I like? Randy Milholland.

Say you've got a popular webcomic. Yes, picture yourself there, in your ergonomic computer chair with your drawing tablet and your little fat-pudge. If, unlike me, you have no fat-pudge, feel free to picture yourself with a wispy mustache.

What are you going to do over the Christmas week:

1. Take the whole week off, and have an unfunny stick figure comic drawn by the guy who makes unfunny stick figure comics.
2. Finish up the current storyline perfectly, declare the year complete, then **post a bunch more comics**.

If you're Piro, the guy who does Megatokyo, you pick option 1. If you're R.K. Milholland, the guy who does Something Positive, you pick option 2.

On his page, Randy Milholland's comic shows the update schedule, crossed out repeatedly. Not five days a week, not seven days a week. Randy updates A LOT.

If I could choose between having Piro's art skills, or Randy's consistency, I pick Randy's consistency, hands down. Randy, thanks for bringin' the funny.


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