Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Elizabeth Grigg didn't like Kong.

GURPS Powers replaces both GURPS Supers and GURPS Psionics. I only like reading GURPS, not playing it. I know, no one cares, but let me point out that this means one handsome $35 hardback book replaces two $18 softcover books for the previous edition. Sounds good to me.

Evan Erwin is running from the cops. I'm impressed by Evan and his blog. He's a devoted husband and father, and has gone from writing a column on a computer game to becoming the computer game's community manager.

OwlCon is gearing up. Greg Morrow of the Howling Curmudgeons is going, so I'll definitely stop by and say something about uh, comic books or something. Plus his Master Maze event is about four grand worth of meticulously-painted models, and mine is twenty bucks of envelope games.

Anye of Dancing Eggplant Games is back from Puerto Rico.

Jeff Vogel, a.k.a. "Cordelia's Daddy" has some big news on the home front.

Francis Heaney has re-mixed his Holy Tango of Literature recordings (free downloads of his book and music).

Neal Whitman hears his sons play with the words to Christmas songs, and narrowly averts disaster.

Rob Hummel got a tattoo.

Me, I uploaded digital camera pictures (not edited yet, sorry) and watched House, MD. It's like MASH except with fewer transvestites.


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