Sunday, December 11, 2005

Company Xmas party wrap-up

We found a babysitter for Alexis and Cori about four hours before the company Xmas party itself.

I dropped by the library and returned the DVDs and book I borrowed two weeks ago. I got Bridget Jones' Diary for Lee, two kidvids, and the first part of the Lord of the Rings, Extended 4-DVD edition. One of the kidvids and one of the LoTR disks were damaged and had extensive skipping. Our DVD player has done a good job over the years, and malfunctions on a regular basis. It managed to play the potty-training video, which I honestly believe may be the worst thing I have ever watched. Alexis wasn't interested in seeing the video, but she's clearly ready to begin training shortly.

I got a haircut (#2 clippers all over, rounded in back) at my local Haircut Place That Speaks No English, for a mere $4.99, tax included, plus $2 tip. Given that it's the easiest cut in the universe, I should probably start doing my own.

After shining my shoes*, we dressed up in our finest and headed over to the Wyndham Greenspoint for several hours of buffet as far as the eye could see, and an open bar at all the points of the compass. Chris Cagle played a set of his forgettable country music, and then a DJ took the stage to turn up the bass as far as he could.

We both had a nice time, and appreciated mingling with co-workers outside the office in a booze-fueled country-themed extravaganza. Our company president looked good in western gear, as did some others. Tall, thin guys are helped out by the extra height of cowboy boots. Short, fat guys are not. I don't own any western wear, because while I am tall enough to probably carry it off, buying boots that fit on my Frankenstein's-monster feet would be depressing.

We left and picked up the girls around midnight, and were at home asleep before 1 a.m.

* These shoes were bought about 8 years ago, right after Lee and I got married. We were rich with towels, and returned a few of them for credit. That credit and some extra cash bought the shoes. My $80 Timberlands have been with me all these years:
  • Kicking boxes into laser-line rows at Best Buy.
  • Washing cars at Premier Car rental.
  • Leasing apartments in the rain while working with a leasing temp agency.
  • My current position, being worn 250 days a year for the last 4 years.
I had the heels repaired about two years ago. They stood up to a lot of abuse and neglect, and still polish up nicely.


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