Saturday, November 19, 2005

The sucky side of Sears

This morning, I adjusted a picture order at Sears.

I did this by calling the studio, being put on hold so I could still hear all the store background noise, driving to the store and arriving at the counter after being on hold for 20 minutes , and saying, "Hi, you put me on hold 20 minutes ago and I'm still on hold!" Lee spent about 3 hours there yesterday with a trainee who screwed up her order, then screwed it up again when Lee called in to change it.

Technically, they were supposed to tell me to get bent at this point, because the incorrect pictures are already printed in the Sears central printing location in the depths of Erebus. There were 20 people, no exaggeration, inside the studio. I said the magic words, "Please fix it."

She gave me what I wanted, and that was it. So it only took 3 hours of Lee's time, and her correcting phone call, and my phone call and trip there to get the pictures we want.

ThenI went to Target and returned the toilet seat latches (didn't fit), which took 20 seconds and was no trouble. I also picked up whole-bean decaf coffee, which Cost Plus World Market has inexplicably stopped selling. I was impressed at the coffee selection at Target, which is better than my local Kroger signature. There were three generic coffees, including Folger's, and about 5 different name brand coffees. Lee believes the Starbucks coffee is over-roasted and burnt, so I eschewed that in favor of Archer Farms decaf.

As a side note, Cost Plus still carries ground decaf, but it's ground too coarsely, so it gets stale faster, and we still need to re-grind it. The worst of both worlds!


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