Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The week so far

I started a productivity class at work on Monday. That should move back-burner projects forward. It meets for 6 weeks. How serious is it? The instructor took pictures of everyone's desks.

My dentist's office called to let me know my mouth guard has arrived. Not grinding my teeth into powder is going to be awesome! My jaw pops in the morning, and I have random head and jaw aches, all of which I am guessing will go away quickly.

We have a team event at Jillian's Wednesday night. If I remember correctly, that location has one or two classic videogames and some pinball machines. I don't indulge in coin-operated entertainment with my own cash; I'll spend other people's money, though.

I fixed my aunt and uncle's Internet Explorer problems via email diagnostics, thanks to Windows Annoyances. Internet Explorer was displaying really big fonts, but only on certain pages. Gigantic fonts, even. Adjusting the Accessibility settings got that under control. Yay me!

I also verified we still have a copy of the short story Lee and I read aloud every year at Christmas: William Browning Spencer's "A Child's Christmas In Florida". If you're interested, it appears in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 11th edition (the 1994 edition), which is available for under five dollars on Ebay, and in The Return of Count Electric And Other Stories, which is available for under three dollars at Random: Spencer is a Texan.

Also, the holiday season approaches. No comment.


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