Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Words Alexis knows

It's supposed to drop down into the thirties tonight, which for Houston is frosty indeed. While I was in college (all mumble-mumble years), I saw it snow twice on the UH campus. On one of those two days, I saw signs all over the place, LOST 3-FOOT IGUANA. I hope he was bundled up in iguana footy-pajamas, or something.

Little Alex is in warm-footy pajamas and under a big blanket.

Even littler Cori is wearing socks, a onesie, a sleep sack, and a blanket.

I switched the thermostat from AC to HEAT, and set it to come on if it drops below 65. We'll see what happens.

After some bad news from an old friend, I need to smile about something. The funniest thing I know these days is toddler vocabulary.

At 18 months, Alexis now says these words/phrases:

  • one/two/three - for counting rocks with grandma on the patio. She doesn't really get the sequence very well
  • rock
  • five - as in gimme five.
  • tickle
  • foot
  • arm
  • toes - I have been telling Alex about toes since she was born, so this is probably her favorite word.
  • sock
  • shoes
  • head
  • hair
  • nose
  • eye
  • glasses
  • ear- She loves ears.
  • teeth
  • cheek
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • baby Cori - This comes out "bee-bee Coo-ee" and she looks happy when she says it.
  • baby- the adjective.
  • ball-
  • swing
  • shape - You know, from the classic Tupperware shape sorter.
  • book
  • doll-
  • kitty- She also knows they go meow-meow, but it comes out Muh-muh.
  • puppy- She knows they go woof-woof-woof.
  • Beep - the noise a button makes when pushed, including phone buttons, microwave buttons, remote control buttons, and belly buttons. Having your kid poke her own navel and announce "Bee!" is classic comedy. Having your kid poke YOUR navel as hard as she can and announce "Bee!" is classic irony.
  • up please/down please- Because, you know, we want a polite kid.
  • more - She also makes the hand sign for more.
  • peas-
  • carrot-
  • cracker
  • meat
  • cheese- she is all about cheese.
  • o's - the omnipresent Cheerios.
  • milk
  • medicine - also says "purple" for medicine.
  • poo poo/pee pee - Not really started formal potty training yet.
  • open/close - I haven't started her on Abierto/Cerrado, but rest assured, she WILL say it.
  • juice
  • water
  • teeth - we have been brushing her teeth, no paste yet.
  • help
  • hat- Much comedy here.
  • shirt
  • pants/shorts
  • on/off - I also taught her that shoes POP off, so she tries to take things off while announcing "pop pop pop pop".
  • Kuh-kuh - The Baby Einstein caterpillar. Also any DVD, since the Baby Einstein DVDs are in the player frequently. Also the stuffed Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Boppy - the delightful stuffed pillow.
  • car
  • light
Wow, what a kid. Can't wait to see what comes next.


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