Thursday, December 01, 2005

iTunes Upgrade worked better than I expected. Also, I reminisce about video games.

iTunes suddenly forgot where all my music files were, and wanted me to go individually locate each mp3.

I decided instead to upgrade to the new version.

Knowing I was going from 4 to 6, I deleted the links to my music files. I have music and game mp3s all over my computer, so the old iTunes had a bunch of crap in it. Since I also don't care about how many times I played the songs, eeh, no great loss.

The installer freaking put a Quicktime launch button on my toolbar and set two applications to launch on startup. Ba-leeted. I didn't even ASK for Quicktime. It's bundled in. You know, for the visualizer, which I confess I wouldn't know how to turn on, since I've never taken LSD and don't need a tacky psychedelic lightshow while my music plays. That's not what The Crystal Method would want. Their music's the first to get re-imported into the new iTunes.

The Crystal Method did the theme song to that tv show "Bones" with the guy from "Angel" in it. David Boreanaz plays the goofy cop to whatshername's uptight forensics expert. (The Internet Movie Database reveals the character's real name is Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan. I got to see the show for the first time this week, since much-loved-by-my-wife Gilmore Girls was replaced by a holiday movie. It was clearly a mid-season filler episode, and about 10% too cutesy for me. Eeh, I'd watch it on DVD over a weekend, maybe. Not worth watching on a regular basis, as far as I could tell. Also, if I DO watch Bones AND House MD, which is immediately following, every Tuesday is generating two hours of couch time. Bleah.

IMDB also reveals that David Boreanaz is providing voiceover work for a video game loosely based on videogames I used to play. The Kingdom Hearts series mines the entire Disney AND Final Fantasy cast lists throughout recorded history for character. Mandy Moore is also listed as a nice-girl character who, if I'm remembering my Final Fantasy timeline correctly, dies a third of the way through Final Fantasy 7, in a dramatic pre-rendered cut sequence. Poseur, ultra-goth villain Sephiroth murders her in front of Pointy Hair Protagonist, if I recall correctly. Then there's some stat-building, and then a giant chicken race. Then more and more giant chicken races. Then I got bored and stopped playing, only to get exactly as far into Final Fantasy 8 before realizing that wasn't any fun either.

I never finished Legend of Mana, either.


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