Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lazy Wednesday evening: I have business cards for my hobby

Yesterday I figured out a cool, weird detail about a specific, troublesome, and boring work concern, and wrote a readable, informative, and short email to the department about it. Today, I got to soak up affirmation of my peers. A co-worker and I also finished a project that has been hounding us.

When I arrived at home, I found my free business cards from It's fairly common for me to meet up with cool people and mention the Houston Gamers, and the HG website's got what I perceive to be a good rate of converting site visitors into game day visitors. The cards are a welcome upgrade from my usual method of scrawling my email address and/or the website on a spare Daytimer page. I got 250 cards "for free," actually for about $5 shipping. I figure spending 2 cents per good impression is worth it.

The website is administrated by Ray Mulford, who is one of the core members of the group. The Houston Gamers don't charge a membership fee or dues, and Ray uses Funagain associate revenue to maintain the website.


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