Sunday, December 11, 2005

OwlCon sign-up: I am ambivalent

I sent in my game submission to OwlCon. Lordy, the things I do for this hobby.

On one hand, my absolute hero, Kevin Nunn, asked me to do it, more than once. I like OwlCon. It's a mature convention, with most of the organizers being older and committed to excellence in the gaming experience. Being a demonstrator gets me in for free, and I have connections to get prize support to hand out. It attracts good players. It attracts families, and I like giving prizes to kids. It's in Houston, so there's no long travel times. It's the convention I've attended more times than any other, both as demo person and regular shmoe. Also, it's a chance to help out my Friendly Local Game Store, Midnight Comics, since I know the owner John brings his entire Cheapass lineup (he is big on having a variety of price points).

On the other, I feel old. I have two kids and a wife. Two years ago, I could go to every single slot and not feel like I was abandoning anyone. I'm not getting the sleep I need, and I haven't been trying to demonstrate games, so I'm out of practice. I haven't learned the newest games I've acquired. Also, last year's demos sucked. One of my slots was attended by two drugged-up psychos that I should have booted from the table. The OwlCon parking is Rice University parking, and the situation there has deteriorated in the last few years. I love this hobby, but I'm not paying a dollar an hour to park, especially at an all-day event. That means it's a ten-minute walk across the entire campus carrying a bag full of games. Plus, conventions make me feel jaded.

So I signed up to run games. Fun will be had.


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