Sunday, January 08, 2006

The weekend's Gamecount

Friday night, Lee and I played Wyatt Earp, a fast card game that's basically a rummy variant. Usually it plays out in 3 or 4 hands. Our game ended after 2 unbalanced hands. We would have played again, and decided to call it a night. (Gamecount: 3)

Saturday I picked up my parents at the airport and brought them back to Casa De Los Boardgames. I found them a motel not far from us that ended up being much cheaper and nicer than I expected. Lee and I gave them a brief explanation of the kiddos' schedule, and left.

We swung by Collina's Italian Restaurant and picked up 3 calzones to go, as dinner at Larry's apartment. He bought his first big plastic tub for hauling games around. Most of the games were ones he learned with me, and he has a first-rate collection in there.

After eating the calzones, we launched into another game of Caylus. Larry didn't hold back, and freakin' slaughtered us. Even with no kids around, it was still about a 3 hour game. We understand all the mechanics now. Caylus is a gamer's game, with LOTS of little ways for players to mess with each other. James S. over at the Houston Gamers would describe it as "having a high screwage factor," which is dead on. (Gamecount =4)

After two plays, I am coming to the opinion that Caylus is a great game that is too long. It also isn't necessarily MY game.

We twisted Larry's arm and he loaned us a ton of DVDs. As a film buff, he's got a ton of arty movies, and as a single guy, he's got the disposable income to pick up totally sweet boxed sets. He is moving farther south and east, so we'll have to throw more games parties to get him back on our side of town sometime.


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