Monday, January 09, 2006

Ticket To Ride Monday

After an exciting day at work, I came home and had dinner with my cousin Beth, the girls, Lee, and my parents.

After putting the kids to bed, the adults (minus Lee) played Ticket To Ride (Gamecount = 5). It won the Game of the Year in 2004, and spawned a tiny expansion pack, another sequel, and a second sequel on the way.

I traded off some games to get my copy, and have only played 3 or 4 times, including tonight. Beth absolutely destroyed us. If I remember right, she's undefeated at Ticket To Ride. Mom and I's scores were only a point different, and Dad was trailing the pack, dragged down by a mid-game draw of a set of bad tickets.

The sequel includes trickier rules; we haven't gotten enough plays of the original yet. At my current rate, I should be ready to buy Ticket To Ride: Europe right when the house is paid off, whenever down the line that will be.


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