Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend Catch-up Post: Friday Parents' Night Out

Lee and I dropped off the kids up at Houston's First Baptist Church at the parents' night out. Lee had mentioned the salmon at Chili's, so we went there. The waitress was young and mediocre.

Errors in waitstaffing:

1. My wife is not a guy. Ergo, addressing the two of us as "You guys," not once, but repeatedly, is not actually correct.
2. Our water glasses got empty and stayed empty.

I dunno, I like it better when I eat/shop where people like their jobs and are good at them, such as the Collina's Italian Restaurant down on Richmond. Having a 30-something flamer career waiter rules. Having a 20-something sullen tattooed waiter of either gender sucks.

After that, we went back to the church and sat in the gigantic, empty lobby (probably has some frou-frou architectural term, but that is invalidated by the presence of lots of sub-structures attached to the main church).

We played two games of Ticket To Ride,Alan R. Moon's big Game Of The Year in 2004. Gamecount = 9, excellent... Lee and I agreed that the 2-player games feel more cut-throat than the 4- and 5-player games we've done. Partially, this is due to a rule change about routes. Mostly, it's due to the attention you pay to the other player. Can you afford to block them? Can you afford NOT to block them?

Good stuff.


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