Friday, January 27, 2006

Heroscape at Wal-Mart, cheap

Background: Two feet long and weighing almost 6 pounds, Heroscape is a Hasbro strategy game with a ton of pre-painted miniatures and snap-together plastic hexes. It is clearly a cash cow for Hasbro, and is currently being supported with ongoing expansion sets of more figures and terrain.

A nearby Wal-Mart is blowing out of their stock of Wal-Mart Exclusive Heroscape sets at $15.00 each in the Christmas remainders, while keeping the regular Heroscape sets on the shelf at $39.99. Bear in mind, the Wal-Mart set actually has a few extra figures inside.

I am debating picking up one or more of them. I passed up the Amazon 2-for-1 sale on Heroscape back when it was an insanely hot toy.

The sets are going for around $25 on Ebay right now; given Ebay listing fees and PayPal fees, I wouldn't make enough on the deal to consider it.


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