Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My weekend: stretch your limits/achieve your secret society goals

Instead of going to a board game party, we went to La Grange and attended my nephew's birthday party. Ow, I think something inside me is broken.

I owned a copy of the West End Games RPG Paranoia back in the early 1990s. It was mostly theme-driven: All the player characters are "Troubleshooters" who live in a giant underground complex administrated by an all-seeing computer. Also, the computer is crazy, and fears attacks from external Commie Mutant Traitors who belong to Secret Societies.

All the player characters belong to a random Secret Society and have a secret mutant power- the instant they display either attribute, they'll get executed by the computer. I don't think I got in more than a single session of Paranoia, but the idea that any secondary priorities are "secret society goals" still has a certain appeal.

So, I went to my nephew's birthday party. In and of itself, this didn't fulfill my (hypothetical) secret society goals.

Stuff I did this weekend that fulfilled my secret society goals: I went to a thrift store, bought a gift for ANOTHER board game party next weekend, made hummus from quasi-scratch, and tuned up my father-in-law's computers.

Oh, yeah. I also taught my wife how to play Jambo. Gamecount=16.


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