Sunday, February 05, 2006

Games at Chris B.'s 30th Birthday party

My good friend Chris B. had an all-day games party on Saturday to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Alexis woke up several times in the night, and Lee decided to stay home and get some rest. I took Alexis and headed over for a few hours, then brought Alex back, put her to bed, and returned for MORE GAMES. Woot! Unfortunately, I missed the pizza and the musical guest.

Games played: Category 5 - This re-theming of 6 Takes/6 Nimmt hasn't changed the rules at all, and has had only minor graphics changes in the new edition. Fast, fun, right up my alley.

San Juan - We exceeded the maximum 4 players and shoehorned in a fifth person. Sure, the box says it only supports 4, but somehow I talked everyone into playing with 5... prefacing it with comments like, "Yeah, it's different, but I don't know if it works so well." We reshuffled about a dozen times. I love San Juan, and I'm glad to play it. Once we tallied up the final scores, Larry came in first, and I came in second. This variant injects a lot of extra money/cards into the game. Much complaining was had, all around.

Metro (x2) - I've only played Metro twice before this, once at another party Chris had, and once a long time ago at the Houston Gamers. It's a tile-placement game about building the subways of Paris. I picked it off the table because one of the female party-goers was hanging back. "C'mon, you've got to play it. It's easy... and it's pretty!" That was the tipping point. Metro is good-looking, with a sturdy board. The tiles are a little thin, but the tracks on them are clear. Overall, it's evocative and appealing.

Travel Blokus - I finished the night by showing Chris my copy of Travel Blokus. My two-minute explanation turned into a 4-minute game.

Gamecount for the day: 5
Gamecount for the year so far: 22. I'll get a boost from OwlCon next weekend...


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