Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Elizabeth Grigg updated her blog; On Hiding Things

Elizabeth Grigg had about 6 catch-up blog posts in the last day, but the ones I liked best were this one about leaving painful phone messages and this one about blogs that admits failure and human error, as opposed to presenting a single side. I identify strongly with both. I like the notion of writing about weakness, as well as hoped-for strengths.

I write for a lot of readers, including but not limited to Elizabeth herself.

My family and my wife's family.
My "hip" co-workers who I have clued in.
Various friends and gaming buddies.
Bloggers and other friends I rarely meet face-to-face.
Everyone on the internet.

Two stories, basically true:
One of my co-workers said her 8-year old son told her the following joke:

Q: What's a word that begins with F, and ends with UCK?
Q: Mom, it's firetruck. The word is firetruck.
A: But... but... you know the other word?
Q: Yeah, but I don't say it because it's not nice.
A: My baby is growing up! **WEEPS**


My wife and I were driving past the mall at I-10 and Gessner.

Q: Oh, wow. They're opening a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the mall.
A: Mmm, chocolate.
Q: Yeah, it's not as popular as the Brokeback Mountain Chocolate Factory.
A: (Laughs so hard she nearly drives off the road.)


I'm also writing for my current and future employers. See, nothing about VERY SENSITIVE SUBJECTS or CURRENT WORK CONDITIONS, GOOD OR BAD. I'm cool like that. Sub-zero stealth bloggin' is what I do best. I hear a certain company got new laptops that are totally awesome, though.


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