Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Night Gaming: Chris in the house

Chris Belfi came over and brought a chicken, some potato salad, and desserts. We finished that off, and then I taught Chris and Lee how to play Hellrail. It's a weird little railroad game: all the cards are loads of sinners being delivered from one circle of hell to another. The cards are your track, your fuel, your victory points, and your movement points. It's a very neat little game, capturing the feeling of the larger, complicated rail games without taking all night. Chris won with 41 points, Lee and I were neck and neck at 30, then 29 points.

Since I was teaching it, I left out all the wacky powers and random stuff that is excessive for new players.

After that, we broke out the desserts. I then took the shrinkwrap off my copy of Aladdin's Dragons, which I played once at the Houston Gamers, far off in the mists of time, and then bought without ever having it hit the table, until now. Capsule summary: there are treasures in dragon caves that end up being stolen and used as currency to buy magic artifacts. Whoever collects the most artifacts wins the game. Uh, then everybody does lots and lots of blind bidding.

We played a semi-magic variant, using the artifact powers but leaving out the magic spell cards. This kept the complexity to a manageable level. There are a lot of tough decisions to be made, but it's hard to really agonize for long about them - the information you need to decide is simply not there. I like Aladdin's Dragons a lot; it has not lost any appeal since I tried it way back when.

It being a work night, Chris said his goodbyes, and then Lee absolutely destroyed me at Wyatt Earp. After the first round, she had 20 grand to my 5. The game finished with her at 41 grand, and me at 24. I love Wyatt Earp so even getting slaughtered doesn't faze me.

Gamecount = 41, so I'm 20 behind if I want to make my Game-A-Day goal for the year.
New Games Learned/Played for first time=12. Aladdin's Dragons counts. Man, I could barely remember how any of that worked.

Chris also borrowed my copy of Modern Art to read the rules, so hopefully we can get that to the table soon. All in all, a fine evening.


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