Friday, March 24, 2006

Thursday Night Gaming: Chris in the house again

Chris B. came over for stew, pie, and board games.

We opened up Dragon Land, and punched out all the pieces. It turned out to be a lightweight game, sorta cute. I definitely want to try it again with 4 people, as well as play again with 3. It strikes me as being a decent game for kids or adults.

After that, Chris and Lee and I brainstormed about what to play, and settled on teaching Chris El Grande. It was a tight game, and Lee won by a small margin.

Chris mentioned wanting to learn Power Grid and Princes of Florence from a mutual friend of ours. I've only played Princes of Florence twice, and want to try it again in a more casual group. Power Grid I haven't tried, but I hear good things.

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 59, New game titles played for the year = 15.


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