Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Firefox leaks memory

Shoot. I had Firefox configured to cache fewer tabs and pages, and that made it work great. After running the update it requested and going to version, it is leaking memory.

I typically leave my computer running all night (behind hardware firewall, etc.) and doing this with Firefox open has made me find Firefox gleefully eating 450 Mb or more of ram in the morning.

Bleah. I downloaded the new version of Flash, as it is apparent from watching the Task Manager that Flash animations are hogging memory.

Guys like Jesse Ruderman point out some possible causes and corrections. Interesting/boring...

On one hand, I could fix it by falling back a notch. Or go forward to a newer build that's got fixes in it.


Blogger Shivanand Sharma aka Varun said...

Me facing similiar issue after upgrading to fx the process keeps running and have to manually kill it. guess something in the application changed. i have not updated any of my extensions but only installed the new firefox version.


7:10 AM  

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