Friday, April 29, 2005

Week's wrap-up

To summarize: This week was insanely stressful, with my position at work being altered slightly. I got rearranged to a different team. I'm still an authority on certain topics by virtue of my insatiable curiosity.

I'll spare everyone an analysis of what the rearranging does to the office dynamics. It was weird to be out sick for a week, then return and have everyone in my department acting crazier than usual. There are some good choices, and I'm optimistic about the potential for some people, including myself.

Tonight we ALMOST saw Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy down at the Alamo Drafthouse, but we went and had Italian food instead, then went to Borders Books, presumably for dessert. Lee browsed through more pregnancy books (she's a non-fiction fiend), whilst I found and read the third Courtney Crumrin graphic novel, because I am a comic-reading doofus. I also read How To NOT Draw Manga, which was a hilarious spoof of the Teach-Yourself-Crappy-Comic-Drawing style books. I flipped to the credits-it's published by Antarctic Press, which certainly should know a thing or two about capitalizing on the manga craze.

Bah, must sleep or baby birthday party will destroy me tomorrow.


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