Saturday, April 23, 2005

Up and down, up and down...

For some reason, on Thursday, I had a spike in my visitors (and ad clicks, domo arigato).

The next day, back down again. Yes, I had a large post after a few days off. Still, very weird. I don't know if Blogger has referral-tracking tools, but I'm curious to know if anything in particular attracted people's attention.

I'm tuning a Magic deck. Our games these days follow two basic patterns:
1. We get out fast creatures and slug each other to death. I win maybe 60% of these.
2. We stall out. When that happens, either he gets the 10 or 12 mana he needs to cast a supremely-powerful creature, or I gradually work my card advantages until I've gotten the upper hand. I win most of this style. We're not going to any tournaments with these decks, that's for sure.

I went out this morning to scout out Dragon's Breath, which was closed at 12:20, in spite of the sign saying they opened at noon. I'm not bitter-I went to check out Larry's place instead. It is rockin', with vaulted ceilings, a balcony, and nice parking.


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