Thursday, April 21, 2005

Week's summary, including Houston Gamers wrap-up

My internet connection died Saturday, Sunday I was cleaning up baby barf, Monday my wife and I were absolutely hosing down the pediatrician's office with vomit. I was in the office for about 4 hours on Monday before everything went downhill.

No Wednesday night Magic, for fear of giving Tim the heaves, too.

Saturday night, before the craziness, I headed out to the Houston Gamers and got in my first 4-player games of Empyrean, Inc. with nice people (a couple named Patrick and Holly who are up near Spring), and some other folks rotating out of the 4th spot.

I played Guillotine, which I haven't done in a while. My copy's still in shrink, but I'll probably break that open any day now. It's an all-right filler.

We played Mogul, a fast and vicious little auction game. It's a nearly-closed system, where passing gets you other people's bids. Everyone starts with 6 chips, I think. At one point in the game, I was holding 15 of them, and at another point, I had none. If you're counting chips, you can run someone out of money quite deftly, and then keep them broke the rest of the game. Fortunately, I wasn't sitting next to a chip-counter, and I think I was bluffing well.

We finished up with a single hand of Money. I like it, and keep thinking I'll buy it one of these days. It's a good combination of set-collection and auctions. The only thing I do not like: scoring. Quick, what's 30+50+60+30+20+20+20+10+10+40+60? Now, imagine that all those numbers are in different colors and fonts. Now add 100 for all the 3-alike sets of 20's and 30's. I know, it's old hat after a dozen plays, but at midnight, more than half the table just laid down their cards and waited for the two people who had played before to add it up.

This was the last day of business for the store, so I hung around a little and watched it all wind down. I dunno. Some of the store's inventory is migrating to Midnight Comics. In the meantime, I have a week's worth of webcomics, Boardgamegeek, and Houston Gamers website to review.


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