Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I just FLU in, and boy, do I have random aches!

I was feeling good on Sunday, in that smug way of "Ha, you're sick and I'm not," since my wife picked up some sort of bug that made her miserable all Sunday.

Today, I had random joint and muscle aches, weird headache and stomach cramps, and the chills. I toughed it out at work... yesterday, I admitted to myself I have been wasting too much time. I spent Monday and today being really effective.

My secret: Every ten minutes or when you switch tasks, write down what you're doing. My company provides free DayTimers, because writing things down in a little spiral-bound book makes you look super cool. It also helps figure out what you did, and what you thought about doing, then couldn't manage to squeeze in. I feel so much better about Monday and today... I produced filled-out (okay, scrawled-on) DayTimer pages, over and above my productive time.

I'm splitting time between two projects, one of which has a concrete deadline, the other of which is more complicated. This is on top of my usual duties as GOD OF SECRET ROOM and GUY WHO KNOWS THE ANSWERS.

Also, tonight I assembled a couple of Magic decks for tomorrow's casual-play session. Neither are anything special.

Webcomic: http://spamusement.com/ is just weird. Eeh, a couple were actually funny, most are just okay. However, the archive's easy to browse, and it doesn't require any investment of time, unlike reading the Sluggy Freelance or CRFH! archives.

PS I'd like to thank patriotic cartoonist Ted Rall - his insights are always welcome. Sure, he's got hyperbole to spare. It's because Ted Rall loves America. He lives in America, he works in America, he spends his money there, and he writes about how to make America better, every week. See http://www.uexpress.com/tedrall/?uc_full_date=20050419 for details, and spread the word: Ted Rall, patriotic cartoonist is awesome.


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