Sunday, April 03, 2005

Houston Gamers wrap-up

I caught the tail-end of the Houston Gamers meeting tonight, and learned Attika. After a mercifully-brief rules explanation, I lost a 4-player game. Someone wasn't paying attention, and didn't run defense-although I should have done some defending as well. Interesting, and I liked it better than Alexandros or Magna Grecia, just to name two other abstract games theoretically about Greece. There was a game of Manifest Destiny finishing up in the other room, and I also missed a game of Zepter Von Zavandor. I've heard 2 lukewarm reviews so far.

My FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) is closing at the end of the month, so all the board games are 33% off. I caved and bought the Blue Moon basic set. I wish Empyrean, Inc. was available there; since it's not, I'll buy it directly from Studio Foglio. There are two copies of the new Cosmic Encounter, which I am iffy on, but my wife liked. I don't know how low the store owner's going to go. There are also two copies of the El Grande Expansions, which I was definitely NOT going to buy for full price. Although I love El Grande, I don't play it often enough to warrant buying the expansion, which I also haven't played.

Kevin Nunn bought a few games to put on the prize table at The Gathering. In addition to picking up Blue Moon, I also took someone's post-dated check and gave them cash so she could buy a game. She was buying Iron Dragon, which I own (I pointed this out). She's a big rail gamer, already owning Empire Builder, Euro Rails, and more. Iron Dragon's map is freakin' huge. I've tried playing once, and we called it more than 3 hours in. We were nowhere near halfway, and two of us had gotten burned horribly by random events.

I also saw Crime Lords. Dag, Steve Jackson Games wants $35 for a re-re-repackaged Illuminati? Huh. If I were them, I'd be churning out Munchkin expansions forever, not flogging a horse they've beaten too many times (INWO & Subgenius sets) already.

There was some discussion of finding a new meeting place. We've got a few options (other stores, people's houses, miscellaneous other free spaces) and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

If I chose, I could play host every other weekend, but 1. I'd have to deal with reserving our neighborhood's clubhouse repeatedly, and 2. the whole thing would suck. Even hosting every five or six weeks is draining. We use the weekend to catch up on housework, budgeting, etc.; removing one entire Saturday from a month puts pressure on us the rest of the time. Two is right out.


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