Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Current Games I'm Considering...

Although I've stopped buying new games for now, I've got a list of games that would be good additions to my collection:

Hellrail (Mayfair Games): A clever little rail game, played with a deck of square cards that serve as cargo, track, movement, and hand replacement. I played the 3rd edition recently and thought it was slick.

Outpost (Timjim Games): Long out of print game of bidding for moonbase components. I'm not buying this-prices are out of sight for this game. There's a German quasi-remake called Das Zepter Von Zavandor, which hasn't been printed in English yet.

Heroscape (Hasbro): Won't get played, so it won't get purchased, as simple as that.

Tales of the Arabian Nights: Long out of print paragraph storytelling... uh, yeah. I actually saw this in a bookstore a few years ago for NINE BUCKS and passed it up. Worst game purchasing decision I've ever made, worse overall than buying Arkham Horror for WAY too much money.

Camelot Legends and Blue Moon: They're both pseudo-CCGs, with all the cards having special powers. Both look good, and Blue Moon wins points for being expandable with more decks.

Power Grid: I have brain damage for wanting this. I already own one Friedemann Friese title I can't get to the table (Fische Fluppen Frikadellen).

As I re-read this, I realized how happy I am with my current collection. Sure, it'd be nice to have more games, but I've got San Juan, which is enough.


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