Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday summary: Angst!

Spent a little time at Barnes & Noble today, browsing around. Man, they sure sell some mediocre boardgames (Cranium, Disney Chess, etc.). I goofed around online reading some finance blogs, and came across this article, which I printed out at work a while ago when it got linked over on the Fidelity website:

I talked with two buddies and exchanged email with another one. I failed to send the game party invitations. I applied for a credit card online to get a $50 signup bonus, making me a horrible person.

I threw away Space Hop. It's a crappy space-teaching game from the mid-eighties, and my beat-up, incomplete copy wasn't ever going to be saleable, tradeable, or playable. The space facts are out-of-date, and basically it's a roll-your-dice, move-your-mice affair. Next up: my copy of Mouse Trap.

At Washington Mutual, while getting some grocery cash, I got asked if I wanted a home equity loan. What's the proper response to that? "No, do you want sugar in your gas tank?" "No, I like my equity right where it is!" "No, they're morally wrong." There's a big sign telling me to spend my home equity on a vacation. That's wrong, and just bad. Bad for me, bad for them, bad for everyone.


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