Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Demo Followup

One of my demo sessions was great, one was painful on every level, and one was mediocre.

The great one felt right. Doing game demos is so much fun when it clicks; you play a game with someone, and maybe hand them a prize, too. If I could do that every weekend, I would.

The painful one was wrong on every level. I had two people show up, and two no-shows. What was wrong with those two girls who bothered to show up at my table? Were they druggies? Hung-over? Painfully sleep-deprived? Don't know. One of them had the sheer gall to wander away from my table for 45+ minutes. Yeah, I drove across town, and walked the length and breadth of a college campus to watch some chick's purse for an hour. If she had taken her crap with her, I could have semi-gracefully bailed.

The mediocre one was painful, too. When you KNOW that something can be good, but everyone's not really into the scene that day. I also had mini-drama at my table as a sleep-deprived LARPer argued with her mother over her cell phone. LARPers, like all humans, can be jerks. Many humans are jerks. Many humans are LARPers. I'm not saying anything on a grand scope, here. I know LARPers that are cool,

Seriously, it's my table. I'm a volunteer, I don't have to be there. Why would anyone pay good money to sit down and be a worthless sack of whiner for four hours?

The most heart-wrenching part of the painful game demo: It wasn't even 8:30 pm, before I realized the next four hours were going to be shitty, and all I wanted to do was go home, sleep in my own bed next to my wife, who would also be asleep, right across the hall from my baby, who would herself be asleep. Why was I there? What did I expect to gain? Conventions are for the young. Regardless of my age, I'm married with a kid, and that means I'm old.


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Hi, thanks for commenting! Yes, we did purchase "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"...I believe it's a book all women should read! It was really informative and took a lot of frustration out of the whole process.

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