Saturday, March 12, 2005

Minus 50 Hitpoints?

I took a late lunch today and ended up at Gamestop. They had some Magic booster packs and theme decks. My buddy Tim and I split a box of Champions of Kamigawa boosters. I bought them on Ebay, then the bastards in Georgia who SOLD the product without having it in stock discovered it was backordered. They didn't bother to tell me this until I sent them two emails and then called them.

They only leave punitive feedback. Yeah. Think about that. They do SO much crappy business, their policy is to leave retribution feedback on anyone who rates them a negative seller.

Of course, I only paid $8 for shipping and handling. Here's what I got: Shipped four weeks after I paid via Paypal. Put into a box 3X the size, with 5 sheets of tissue paper. Shipped USPS, Parcel Post, no tracking, no delivery confirmation, for $2.58.

Once we got the cards, it was all cool, and I've enjoyed having Wednesday night sessions where I destroy him. I won twice last week, although I wouldn't have won either game if he had been more aggressive.


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