Saturday, March 19, 2005

Settlers of Catan drops from boardgamegeek top 10 status to #12

1. Puerto Rico
2. Tigris & Euphrates
3. Princes of Florence
4. El Grande
5. War of the Ring
6. Power Grid
7. Wallenstein
8. Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition.
9. Memoir 44
10. Age of Steam
11. Go
12. **Settlers of Catan**

Soo, what does it mean? Well, all these are niche games that reward multiple plays. Your grandma's not going to play War of the Ring. I have played over a hundred games of Puerto Rico, and quite a few games of Settlers. They're also well-produced (okay, you could play Go with a terrible home-made set, but practically everyone who plays goes out and buys nice stones and a handsome board).

I own #1-4 and Settlers, and the rest of the games, eeh. I'm not going to play them frequently enough to warrant a purchase. Plenty of the Houston Gamers have their own copies for me to play, if it comes to that.


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