Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Two dads who kick ass.

Rob, over at Darn Tootin'. His daughter has a staggeringly-rare genetic condition, and Rob does his best to come to terms with that.

This is one of the entries from the archives, and it's a good sample:

They're fundraising now for a speech device that'll give Schuyler a way to communicate more freely.

Jeff, over at Irony Central. His daughter's fine, but Jeff's a freak (he also writes awesome shareware computer games and has been a Cheapass Games playtester, so he's my kind of people):

I'm definitely buying his book, The Poo Bomb, when it comes out. (Yes, I could pre-order it. Sigh.)

Both of these dads love their kid very much, and they're both eccentric and a little foul-mouthed.

This morning, I waved at my 10-month-old girl as I was headed out the door for work. My wife called a couple of minutes later to report she had crawled all the way to the door, then looked around and started to cry because I didn't come back. Soooo, that's a depressing way to start the day!


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