Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A position statement: MLM

Tonight, I experienced something I hadn't seen in a long time: Someone presented a multi-level marketing plan to me.

See, ordinarily, I wouldn't take a second look, because the vast majority of MLM-ers are venal and stupid.

So, this time, I didn't take a second look, because this MLM-er was venal and stupid. Isn't it awesome when you learn someone is **WRONG**? Anything they tell you, you can ignore immediately, because they're **WRONG**. It's liberating.

Once again, for the folks at home: Multi-level-marketing is for scumbags and chumps. If you are in a multi-level-marketing outfit, you're 95% likely to be either a scumbag, or a chump. I don't deal with scumbags (q.v. Circuit City, used-car salesmen, most multi-level-marketers), and I take very little financial advice from chumps.

I bought the Incredibles DVD, so that's cool. I thought it was on sale for some reason. I finally used up most of the balance on a Target gift card from Christmas. I had tried to rent The Incredibles twice, but it was out of stock both times at Blockbuster. The Blockbuster employees were apologetic both times, and suggested that I could call in. Orrrrr, I could buy it for $21.99, they said, in the nicest and most sincere way.


Blogger Geek Josh Lobkowicz said...

my girlfriend's stepmom is an MLM-er. She fita both of those descriptions, and a few others.

11:19 AM  

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